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2009-07-27 05:33 pm

[meta] triggers, trigger space, and lj-cutting

I was going to make this a poll, but I realized that triggers are personal and unique and I couldn't adequately sum up or guess at other people's possible issues, so I invite you to comment with any concerns or requests you may have.

I want to know if I am inadequately warning for certain triggery content, if there are phrases or abbreviations that are uncomfortable, if using [trigger warning] as a euphemism is appropriate or not, whether you'd frequently like more specifics about what is behind the trigger-cut to know whether it's safe to read, whether you think you're missing out on content you think you could safely read because of overly enthusiastic lj-cutting, and most especially, what specific triggery things you would like to be warned for, especially if I'm not already warning for them.

This post is public to enable anon commenting, and all comments are screened; feel free to comment here, anon or not, or to PM me or email me if you'd like to have a conversation about something.

I love you.